PublisherFreedom Games

PlatformsSteam (PC / Mac)
Release Date
October 16, 2023

Standard Pricing
$9.99 USD


Psychological Horror, Adventure, Visual Novel


A journey through the psyche. Escape your night shift at the hotel, explore dreamlike worlds, and lose your sense of Self while reliving the time before dawn in this dark, adventure / puzzle game.

◆  Solve intricate puzzles while befriending the inhabitants of a shadowy mansion.
Equip masks to gain the powers of their original owners.
Explore the endless mansion that rests at dawn.
Unveil the truth about the identity of the mansion master.
Multiple endings.

Night Loops is a story about finding MC’s psychic somewhere. It’s about traveling through life numb, floating in the day-to-day tedium. Through The Path, it is hoped to rebuild an inner world and take back ownership of a mental sense of Self, finding this psychic somewhere.


Originally, the game was made to explore the subject of “psychic nowhere,” describing a state of dissociation, a detachment from the psyche. In other words, the sensation of the False Self having taken over. It’s a condition often thought to be correlated with the absence of a clear geographic belonging or destination.

Development began in Chicago, IL around May 2020.


Art, Writing, ProgrammingJiaquarium

Music & Sounds3-z

Art & DesignEstella

Thank You nicolith ◆ Japanese Translation

Patricia Taxxon ◆ Dance Songs

Taira Komori ◆ SFX

Lynette Shen ◆ Script Editing

Segyero Yoon ◆ Discord Moderator

Key PlaytestersAlice Hua

Daniel Li

Estella Xian

Nathan Waters
Ada Lam
Arden Zhan
Ash Kim
David Tran
Leanna Leung

Lynette Shen
Melos Han-Tani
Moe Zhang
Randy O’ Connor
Sayaka Kono

Stephen Zhao
Steven Nguyen
Tedmund Chua
Tim Goco
Yining Zheng

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